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If you’re looking for more interest than most savings accounts can provide and you don’t expect to need your savings soon, a certificate of deposit (CD) may be right for you. With these accounts, you lock up your funds for a specified period in exchange for a higher yield. You can access your funds once your account reaches its maturity date, but withdrawals before that point will likely trigger a penalty of several months in interest or more.

Rates for 6 Month CD as of June 22, 2017


6 months Term
$2000 Minimum to earn APY


Rates as of 6/22/2017
FDIC Insured

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TermRateAPYMin. To Earn APYDetails
6 month1.15%1.16%$1,000
6 month1.10%1.11%$10,000eCD rates for online account only
6 month1.05%1.06%$1,000
6 month1.05%1.05%$5,000180 Day - Rate collected in Arizona
6 month0.97%$1,000APY for balances $1,000 - $49,999 - apply online
6 month0.90%0.90%$10,000
6 month0.89%0.90%$5,000Online CD
6 month0.88%0.88%$1,000Rate may vary by location. Rate collected within: 94104 (CA)
6 month0.88%0.88%$1,000182 Day CD
6 month0.86%0.86%$10,0006 Month Personal CD
6 month0.85%$5,000Yield Pledge CD
6 month0.85%0.85%$5006 Month CD
6 month0.85%0.85%$1,000Money Market CD-membership is open to U.S. military
6 month0.75%0.75%$2,500182 Day - Giant Personal CD
6 month0.75%0.75%$1,000
6 month0.75%$1,000Online only
6 month0.75%$1,0006 to 9 Months Less 1 Day - Stated rate is for accounts opened by phone
6 month0.71%0.71%$1,000Must be opened online to get this rate. Rate may vary by location. Rate collected within: 94104 (CA) Beal Bank, SSB
6 month0.70%$5,000Certificate of Deposit Accounts, New York Branch
6 month0.65%0.65%$2,500
6 month0.60%$0High-Yield CD - Apply online - Rate collected within: CA
6 month0.60%0.60%$1,0006 Month CD
6 month0.56%$1,000182 Day Fixed Rate Standard CD Tier $1,000 - $94,999 - Bank is a member based bank providing services to active and retired military personnel and their families. Most banking products are available to the general public. See website for details.
6 month0.55%0.55%$1,000Online CD
6 month0.55%0.55%$0Online CD
6 month0.50%0.50%$1,000Internet CD - 182 day term - Nationwide - Open online or mail-in
6 month0.50%0.50%$1,0006 Month CD
6 month0.50%0.50%$2,500Located in Bristow, OK
6 month0.50%0.50%$5006 Month CD - Tier $500 - $4,999
6 month0.50%0.50%$100Veterans Family Fund CD - This program provides a way for anyone to assist servicemen and women by purchasing an insured six-month CD that directs half of its earned interest to benefit veterans and their families. Investors receive the other half of the interest and a tax deduction for their contribution.
6 month0.45%0.45%$500182 Day Regular CD
6 month0.45%0.45%$1,000
6 month0.40%0.40%$2,500182 Day CD
6 month0.40%$500Membership is available, but not limited to select employer groups or those who live, work,or worship, attend school or regularly do business in Boyle, Breckenridge, Grayson, Hart, LaRue, Meade, Nelson or Taylor County. See website for additional eligiblity criteria.
6 month0.39%0.40%$2,5006 Month CD
6 month0.40%$0Bank by phone or online only
6 month0.40%$0 CD - 6 Month
6 month0.35%0.36%$5006 Month Base CD - Higher rates available for checking customers
6 month0.35%0.35%$1,0006-11 Month Term - Balances of $1000-$89,999 - Account must be opened in branch - Accounts are available within: WA, OR, ID, UT, AZ, NV, TX and NM
6 month0.35%0.35%$1,000For balances under $100,000 - must sign account documents in branch - Colorado market area
6 month0.35%0.35%$06 month CD - Tier $0-$24,999.99
6 month0.35%0.35%$2,500180-364 Day CD - Tier $2,500 - $49,999-Rate collected within NY
6 month0.35%0.35%$1,000
6 month0.30%0.30%$500Central New York market area only
6 month0.30%0.30%$5006 Month CD - for balances in Tier $0-$9,999
6 month0.30%0.30%$500Limited to Jefferson County NY
6 month0.30%0.30%$1,000
6 month0.30%0.30%$1,0006 - 11 Month CD
6 month0.30%0.30%$2,500
6 month0.30%0.30%$250Located in MN

Rates / APY terms above are current as of the date indicated. These quotes are from banks, credit unions and thrifts, some of which have paid for a link to their website. Bank, thrift and credit union deposits are insured by the FDIC or NCUA. Contact the bank for the terms and conditions that may apply to you. Rates are subject to change without notice and may not be the same at all branches.